plane_imgFulfilling Your UAE private Charter Needs

Flying should never be a challenge when you’re an travelling across the UAE. With a fleet of seaplanes and decades of experience, we offer a bespoke service that connects the dots of your world. The UAE can offer a baffling degree of travel options and solutions, so we’ll keep it simple. A seaplane offers the fastest and most flexible UAE transfers, flying to a huge range of destinations across the region. Whether landing on the water or the tarmac of an international airport, you’re able to disembark a seaplane directly into you destination. And sublime aerial sightseeing always comes as standard.
A fast-paced high-flying world demands efficient travel and maximum convenience. Seaplanes can land on water, so our air charters are not confined to land. We have access to 27 take off points across the UAE, from Arabian Gulf waters to the international airports. Every journey is expedited and land transfers are minimized as you elegantly touch down on the waters beside a five-star resort or private beach. With a seaplane charter there is often no need to touch the ground, as you transfer directly from destination to destination.
But these customised UAE air charters aren’t just about seamless travel. Every journey is an air tour, with each of the plane’s nine seats enjoying large viewing windows. Cruise alongside majestic skyscrapers, swoop above Dubai’s artificial islands, admire the coastal bounty and appreciate all the jewels that glisten in the desert.
Our seaplanes have been flying across the Emirates for almost a decade. More than 100,000 passengers have flown with us and every one is treated to the same elevated levels of service and exclusivity. An exemplary safety record is maintained by highly experienced pilots and an exceptional attention to the little details. Challenge us with your air charter needs and explore the options of seaplane travel in the UAE.

Customising Every Seaplane Charter

Versatile and comfortable, a seaplane charter provides a direct journey to dozens of different destinations. Routes are intimately tailored, providing the shortest route between two marinas or a scenic loop above world-famous attractions. This sophisticated aviation starts with you, with our industry-leading solutions responding to the most demanding of situations. By using a consultative approach we can individualise every flight to all your exacting needs. Perhaps it’s moving hundreds of important guests for a corporate event? Or a celebratory Dubai air charter for two? We take the stress out of Dubai transfers, offering convenient and good value travel solutions with an intimate attention to detail.

• Established in 2007, we operate amphibian planes from our bases in Jebel Ali, Dubai Creek & Yas Marina

• Four 9-seater Cessna 208 Caravan amphibian aircrafts

• Luxury leather seating

• Every seat is a window

• Seat cabin is air conditioned

• Engine noise is minimal

• Flown over 150,000 guests in the past 9 years

Aerial Sightseeing Comes as Standard

A seaplane is far more than convenience and luxury. Cruise through the landscapes of the Emirates and every moment brings a new panorama. Soar above Dubai’s artificial islands, cross the evocative dunes of the desert, admire Abu Dhabi’s architecture from the air, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the Emirates. Aerial sightseeing is integral to every flight and our scenic tours are recommended by the New York Times as the number one thing to do in Dubai. Rather than looking out on the chaotic roads and barriers of sand, you look down on everything that makes the Emirates such a unique travel and business destination.

Ras Al Khaimah City Corniche
Yas Marina seaplane charter
Ras Al Khaimah City Corniche
Yas Marina seaplane charter
Ras Al Khaimah City Corniche

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plane_img Testimonials
- N.S.Reddy
( Our happy client )

Thanks for the respect and your great services to my Indian Visitors who had a great FLY with your Seaplane on 30th Jan 2016.My guest’s was very happy for their great experience on your Seaplane and I am also happy for your great services tendered to my Indian Guests. Let us have a great relationship […]

- Stephanie Spottiswood
( Our happy client )

“ I’d personally like to thank you both for your prompt responses, during phase 1 – quotation, and phase 2 – actual routing. Thank you Miro for being on-hand as always.”

- Kim
( Our happy client )

I wanted to thank everyone for the level of professionalism and courtesy extended to both myself and my family. We had a wonderful time and the Pilot from Canada was most gracious. I wouldn’t fly with anyone else. My nephew continues to talk about it and he has many stories now to tell.