Every Dubai celebration is unique. Getting a select group of family and friends together is always an inimitable experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re sat on a park bench or sipping tea in a seven-star hotel, the social aspect of celebration is forever memorable.
But Dubai celebrations are also the opportunity to do something truly exceptional, together. Here are five unique ideas to consider.
1. Seaplane Charter to an Exclusive Drinks Reception
Seaplanes have the unique ability to land on water. So you can touch down on the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf or Dubai Creek. With a Dubai celebration you can disembark the seaplane directly into a drinks reception at one of various waterfront resorts and restaurants. There’s arriving in style. Then there’s arriving in style and landing at your private party.
2. A Dubai Scenic Flight
Dubai comes alive when you see it from the air. With a private seaplane charter it’s just you and your invited guests on an intimate air tour. Cruise past all the world-famous attractions and share the experience with your special friends and family. This link gives you an idea of the routes that can be enjoyed.
3. Cruising by Air and Sea
Combine two exclusive experiences by taking to the skies in a seaplane, and then languidly cruising along the Gulf in a private yacht. There’s the thrill and enchantment of the aerial sightseeing, followed by the leisurely hours on your own yacht.
4. Seaplane Safari
This Dubai celebration offers an elegant mix of cityscape and wilderness. Take off from the city and admire the sublime urban landscape. Then land on Sir Bani Yas Island for an Africa-style safari. It’s wonderfully escapist, a chance to connect with nature and getaway with your favourite people. It’s high on the list for a romantic Dubai celebration.
5. Air Cruise Holiday
The first of its kind anywhere in the world, an Air Cruise combines private seaplane travel with exceptional five-star resorts and excursions. You fly between the UAE’s exclusive destinations in the seaplane, then settle into the opulence of its finest hotels. For honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, or proposals, this Dubai celebration is as romantic as you can get.