Abu Dhabi

From its hospitality to its elegant architecture, Abu Dhabi is grounded in Arabian tradition. Business is conducted amongst an atmosphere that borders on old-world charm, while Abu Dhabi business venues blend modern opulence with historic design. It doesn’t have the same glitz and glamour as Dubai, but it doesn’t need to. Abu Dhabi always surprises, especially when you take an Abu Dhabi private transfer by seaplane.

Abu Dhabi is the UAE capital, by far the largest of the individual Emirates, and comfortably the equal of Dubai for business importance. Abu Dhabi air transfers offer expedited travel to the capital from dozens of other locations across the UAE. Many business travellers must transfer between Dubai and Abu Dhabi: a seaplane private charter offers the quickest and most convenient transport between these two Emirates.

Abu Dhabi Business Venues

Abu Dhabi compels and confounds. From the outside it’s a place of tradition and heritage. But enter an Abu Dhabi business venue and there’s a sublime sense of luxury. Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace is the second most expensive hotel to be built in the world, as well as being the capital’s premium business venue. A variety of five-star establishments provide choice around Yas Marina while a range of unique business venues can be found deep in the desert. Among them is Sir Bani Yas, an island of wilderness where meetings are held to the backdrop of endangered wildlife.

Abu Dhabi Transfers to Central Locations

Abu Dhabi’s business district is nestled along the Arabian Gulf, the venues offering elegant views over the ocean. Transfer flights provide a seamless journey to these destinations, with the seaplane touching down on the water besides the city’s main business venues. We currently offer scheduled Dubai Abu Dhabi transfers along with flexible Abu Dhabi private charters from 27 different locations across the Emirates. You can take off and disembark directly into business venues at:

  • Abu Dhabi Yas Marina
  • Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace
  • Abu Dhabi Sir Bani Yas Island
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Abu Dhabi Al Bateen (the capital’s dedicated private jet airport)
  • Al Ain International Airport

Our seaplanes also provide pick-up and drop-off at all the UAE’s international airports. So you can transfer Dubai to Abu Dhabi without ever having to see a road. Abu Dhabi air charters can also connect you with business venues in all the other Emirates.

The Flexible Alternative to Abu Dhabi Helicopter Charters

The engine roars and you grimace beneath the earphones as an Abu Dhabi helicopter charter struggles to help you relax. A seaplane air transfer is far more tranquil, the pilot gliding through the cityscape for an elegant landing on the water. Abu Dhabi limousine charter was once the pinnacle of luxury business travel in the Emirates. Yet it’s not imbued with the same style and inimitability of the seaplane. These amphibian aircraft are only found in a handful of cities around the world, so there’s always a sense of exclusivity to this Abu Dhabi private transfer.

Customise Your Abu Dhabi Private Transfer

With an Abu Dhabi private charter every aspect of the flight is customisable, from the route and the times to the special extras that impress important clients. Our seaplanes can fly anytime during daylight hours while our fleet is regularly used to provide Dubai Abu Dhabi transfers for large groups.

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