Dubai’s business destinations are scattered across a world-famous cityscape, from the summits of glistening skyscrapers to the terraces of coastal hotels. They range from inspiring Bedouin tents on private beaches to huge conference rooms. Wherever your destination, seaplane transfer flights provide a seamless and time-efficient journey that can depart from almost anywhere in the UAE.

Aerial sightseeing comes as standard and there’s space for nine passengers with every Dubai private charter. Large groups are accommodated with our fleet of seaplanes and remote destinations are reached with the unique ability to land on water. A seaplane offers greater versatility over Dubai helicopter charter and quicker travel in comparison to Dubai limo charter.

Dubai Business Venues

Dubai’s business landscape celebrates luxury and innovation. Over 60 five-star hotels and resorts provide intimate meeting rooms and conference spaces, along with opulent terraces overlooking the sights of the city. New venues are continually elevating standards, everywhere seeking to provide something fresh and unique for business clients. Expect futuristic luxury and novel touches, along with the refined hospitality of Arabia. The challenge isn’t the venue but how to get there. With chaotic traffic congesting the roads outside many business venues, a taxi or Dubai limousine transfer can’t always guarantee you arrive on time.

Dubai Transfers to Central Locations

With a seaplane you benefit from the innovative ability to land on the water. We have permissions to fly from all the UAE international airports as well as various airstrips across the Middle East. And we can also touch down on the Arabian Gulf or Dubai Creek, so this Dubai transfer takes you directly into the heart of the city. We currently offer Dubai air transfers to and from:

  • Dubai Jebel Ali
  • Dubai Cruise Terminal
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Dubai World Central

These central locations are complemented by over 20 other destinations around the UAE, as well as those in Qatar and Oman.

The Flexible Alternative to Dubai Helicopter Charters

Travelling by seaplane offers a flexible transfer flight to this range of convenient locations. You disembark the plane directly into your Dubai business venue as the central locations dramatically reduce or completely remove the need for additional land transfers. Seaplanes offer more scope than Dubai helicopter transfers and can fly anytime from sunrise to sunset. For many years, Dubai limousine transfers were the pinnacle of luxury business travel. But they’re slower than a seaplane, dictated by chaotic traffic and standing still at the red lights. With a seaplane you enjoy time-efficient transfer flights that connect your business world.

Customise Your Dubai Private Transfer

We currently offer a range of scheduled Dubai transfer flights, including Dubai Abu Dhabi air transfers that provide expedited point-to-point travel. Our fleet of seaplanes are always available for private charters and we specialise in customising transfers for corporate clients. Every aspect of the flight can be personally tailored, including creating a route that offers premium views over the world-famous sights of the UAE.

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