Understated and virtually unknown, Sharjah is visited by eminent business travellers and a handful of intrepid tourists. Home to the UAE’s only natural deep-sea port, it’s an integral transport hub that annually handles millions of containers. It’s a four-hour private transfer from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah, or a two-hour limousine transfer from Dubai to Sharjah. Both these road routes involve a tedious journey through the desert.

Or you could fly by seaplane and touch down on the waters of Sharjah, an experience that dramatically reduces transfer time and offers sublime aerial sightseeing. Travel to Sharjah is seamless and luxurious as our seaplanes can take off from dozens of important business venues and airports across the Emirates. You’ll even enjoy iconic views that reveal the scale of the Sharjah Port.

Sharjah Business Venues

Most business travellers are in Sharjah because of its port and the industrial containers that contrast Sharjah’s exotic beaches. But there is more to this small Emirate. The protected island of Sir Bu Nair is destined to become the UAE’s next high-end tourist destination while the coral islands of Al Marjan Island Corniche already provide irresistible tropical panoramas. All Sharjah’s business venues stand on the water, whether they’re in a five-star resort or at the actual port. So the easiest transfer to Sharjah is one that can land directly on the water.

Sharjah Transfers to Central Locations

Sharjah isn’t big, but the journey through the desert can be tiresome. With business and tourism focused on the Gulf waters, getting to Sharjah is easiest by seaplane. Soar across the Hajjar Mountains, touch down, then disembark into a range of Sharjah business venues. A Dubai Sharjah air charter transfers you between the two Emirates’ central locations, so there’s no need to worry about traffic or conditions on the road. We currently land at four convenient Sharjah locations:

  • Sharjah Khor Fakkan
  • Sharjah Al Marjan Corniche
  • Sharjah Sir Bu Nair Island
  • Sharjah International Airport

Private transfers to Sharjah can depart from locations all across the region, including the important business venues of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

A Flexible and Expedited Sharjah Transfer

How do you reach the deserted island of Sir Bu Nair, or a corniche that’s hidden behind rugged mountains? Sharjah isn’t the most accessible of the Emirates. That’s why we’re continually adding new landing locations that provide quick Sharjah transfers. This luxury air travel comes with an indelible bonus. Every seat is a window seat and you admire the beauty of the Emirates from the air. Take in the famous cityscapes, glide above the colours of the desert, then marvel at the wilderness of the Hajjar Mountains, Arabia’s pre-eminent natural wonder.

Customise Your Sharjah Private Transfer

All Sharjah private charters are fully individualised. Fly anytime from dawn to dusk and take off from 27 different locations across the region. We operate a fleet of amphibious aircraft and have almost a decade of experience offering group transfers from Dubai to Sharjah. Each seaplane can accommodate nine passengers in an air-conditioned cabin and additional road transfers can be arranged if required.

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