A fusion of aerial sightseeing and personalised touring, seaplane charters offer a premium service for private and corporate clients. The experience celebrates the exclusivity and inimitability of the UAE, including elegant take offs and touch downs on the water. From special events to corporate entertaining, our team individualises every seaplane charter for every client.
The Arabian desert is dotted with jewels, from world-famous skylines to escapist resorts amidst glowing sand dunes. From desert islands to palace domes, the region always delivers on its promise of luxury and exclusivity. This is a place to indulge and celebrate, a place for immersing yourself in an untamed bounty. Our air charters are firmly established amongst the UAE’s luxury offer, providing exclusive experiences that are difficult to find elsewhere in the world.
A fast-paced high-flying world demands efficient travel and maximum convenience. Seaplanes can land on water, so our air charters are not confined to land. We have access to 27 take off points across the UAE, from Arabian Gulf waters to the international airports. Every journey is expedited and land transfers are minimized as you elegantly touch down on the waters beside a five-star resort or private beach. With a seaplane charter there is often no need to touch the ground, as you transfer directly from destination to destination.
But these customised UAE air charters aren’t just about seamless travel. Every journey is an air tour, with each of the plane’s nine seats enjoying large viewing windows. Cruise alongside majestic skyscrapers, swoop above Dubai’s artificial islands, admire the coastal bounty and appreciate all the jewels that glisten in the desert.
Our seaplanes have been flying across the Emirates for almost a decade. More than 100,000 passengers have flown with us and every one is treated to the same elevated levels of service and exclusivity. An exemplary safety record is maintained by highly experienced pilots and an exceptional attention to the little details. Challenge us with your air charter needs and explore the options of seaplane travel in the UAE.