Seaplanes offer the most convenient UAE air transfer. There’s no laborious waits in traffic, no need to arrive before your flight, and no unnecessary delays. A seaplane offers more flexibility than a private jet, its unique ability to touch down on water opening up dozens of landing sites across the UAE. Stylishly land on private beaches, next to five-star resorts, or amongst Dubai’s artificial islands. This fluidity removes or significantly reduces land transfers, making a seaplane the most time-efficient air transfer in the UAE.
Each of our seaplanes has been custom-made to enhance the luxury experience. Spacious leather seats offer VIP comfort for all passengers. The seductive sights of the UAE are savoured through large personal viewing windows. Nothing is cramped or squashed in the air-conditioned cabin. With these UAE air transfers there’s space for up to nine passengers in each plane, with our fleet of seaplanes able to transfer a large number of guests in a tight timeframe. Our experienced team has the knowledge and connections to tailor every transfer and ensure every aerial route maximises the views and create unique air tours.
Seaplanes first landed in Dubai back in the 1930’s but weren’t seen again after the 1950’s. We’ve revived this historic and luxurious mode of travel, and we remain the only seaplane operator in the region. They provide a unique air charter, one that’s difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Whether moving clients or gathering guests for a special occasion, a UAE seaplane transfer ensures the journey is an unforgettable part of the experience.