Think of a seaplane and you’re probably thinking of touching down on the water. These are flying boats after all, adept at descending onto shimmering stretches of Dubai Creek and the Arabian Gulf. But seaplanes can also touch down on tarmacked runways, opening up new possibility for UAE air charters.

A UAE Air Charter from Dubai International Airport

Dubai International is the world’s busiest airport and the most popular entry point to the region. Touch down after an overnight flight and the journey isn’t over. You’ll probably have a land transfer to your Dubai hotel. Or a much longer land transfer if your destination is elsewhere in the Emirates. A UAE air charter offers an inspiring introduction to the region. Get picked up from the runway, cruise above the iconic Dubai skyline, then touch down at 27 different locations across the region. There’s no need to even see a road as you can disembark directly onto a private city beach or remote wilderness destination. Dubai International Airport is perhaps our most important landing location, offering expedited airport transfers across the entire Arabian Peninsula.

Aerial Sightseeing as Standard with a Dubai Airport Transfer

The UAE inspires from the air. Soar across Dubai and the skyline comes alive, all the famous architecture revealed in a single panorama. There’s the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab’s sail, the assortment of glass-fronted towers around the marina, and then the meandering route of Dubai Creek. Yet an air charter from Dubai International isn’t just about the inspiring cityscape. You’ll gain an intimate perspective on how the city is built in the desert. Sand dunes roll beneath the wingtips and the Arabian wilderness extends beyond the horizon. Routes can be tailored to maximise the aerial sightseeing or provide immediate transfers to destinations along the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Creek.

Air Charters to all the UAE Airports

Cessna 208 seaplanes are famed for their ability to land on water. You’ll see them all across the UAE, touching down on the Arabian Gulf or the Gulf of Oman. Their amphibian specialism opens up an almost infinite array of routes across the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to Dubai International, our seaplanes can land at the following airports:

Reducing or Removing the need for Land Transfers

In addition to the airports there’s dozens of water landing strips across the region. So with every UAE air charter, you reduce or remove the need for land transfers. Touch down and you disembark directly into a resort or attraction.

All UAE air charters are bespoke and carefully tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more details or your request for air transfers from Dubai International Airport.