A fusion of convenience and inspiring aerial experiences, seaplane charters have become a popular complement to many conferences across the UAE. With access to 27 landing points and the ability to accommodate large groups, these air charters offer a flexibility and exclusivity to enhance any corporate conference or MICE requirements.

At a Glance

  • Flexible air charters that are individualised for every client. Our seaplanes have an ability to move large numbers of guests in a short timeframe.
  • Tailored routing based on 27 sites across the UAE, including various options to land on the water and disembark straight into a conference venue.
  • Stunning Dubai air tours on every flight and luxury travel for important guests. Each seaplane has nine spacious leather seats, each with a large personal viewing window.
  • Get inspiration and ideas from our experienced team who have decades of experience providing services for conferences and other corporate MICE requirements.

Point to Point Transfers of Large Groups

The seaplane glides onto the water, gently touching down on the Dubai Creek or Arabian Gulf. Disembark straight onto a private beach or into a five-star resort. Guests don’t go through the main entrance. They’re privately transferred to a dazzling waterside venue, creating unmistakable first impressions at the start of a conference. Our fleet of seaplanes can move large groups in narrow time periods, enabling over 100 of your guests to be transferred aerially to a conference. And with the ability to land on water, there’s no expensive or lengthy land transfers to consider. Convenient yet imbued with the scent of exclusivity, these Dubai air charters are fully individualised to all your requirements, with routes customised on some 27 landing and take off points across the Emirates. From a handful of VIP clients to a whole conference room of people, these seaplane transfers offer a unique travel solution.

Luxury Travel and Unique Memories

Yet these Dubai air charters go far beyond convenience. Every seaplane has nine spacious leather seats, each with its own customised viewing window, ensuring exquisite views over the famous cityscapes and resplendent desert. The journey becomes an integral part of the experience, a memory that kickstarts or culminates the conference. Our air tours are recommended by the New York Times and Tripadvisor as in the top few things to do in Dubai. And these air tours are an inherent element of any aerial transfer. Impress your guests, treat them to unique memories, and celebrate the luxury of Dubai travel.