A fast-paced industry demands high flying solutions. Inherently luxurious and always exclusive, seaplane air charters make an impression on any client or important guest. Used for incentives, celebrations or premium travel, they blend unforgettable aerial touring with the quickest transfers available in the UAE.

At a Glance

  • Customisable air charter with a flexibility beyond typical private jet charters. Access to 27 landing points provides expedited transfers between any destinations in the UAE, including the international airports.
  • Luxury air tours are a fundamental to every charter.
  • This is an exclusive mode of transport that can impress any important guest or client.
  • Enhanced extras such as limousine ground transfers, private dining at secluded resorts, and exclusive experiences at the UAE’s premier attractions.

Quality Based on Experience

For over 20 years we have been supplying air charter solutions to financial institutions and large corporations. In such a demanding business world there can be no mistakes and no second chances, so every air charter is assisted by 24-7 individualised support. We’re proud of our repeat client rate and the variety of financial service providers that use our air charters. An exploratory safety record is maintained by our experienced local pilots and crew. From flying VIP clients to meetings, impressing guests, or celebrating a team’s success, our air charters are imbued with an absolute sense of flexibility. They can fly practically anywhere in the UAE during daylight hours, including the international airports and various remote locations along the coast.

Luxury Air Charters in Dubai

With a Dubai air charter the high life meets the high skies. Each of our Cessna amphibious aircraft has capacity for nine passengers while we also have access to an extensive range of other aircraft worldwide. Stunning views over the Dubai landscape come as standard, with custom-designed viewing windows ensuring every passenger can be inspired by the cityscape. It’s a mode of travel that reflects the possibility of the Emirates and the luxury the region is famous for.