Our unique air charters work across distinctive paradigms. They provide discreet and expedited air transfers for important guests and entertainers and offer celebratory experiences for groups and teams. The flexibility of landing on water and ability to transport large groups makes seaplane a premier choice for air charters in the UAE.

At a Glance

  • Unique private air charter in seaplanes that are custom-made for aerial sightseeing.
  • Extremely flexible routing using 27 landing points across the UAE, including the international airports and remote locations across the Arabian Gulf.
  • Luxury air tours to impress important clients and guests. You can land on the water and disembark directly into five-star resorts and venues.
  • Our experienced team individualises the air charter for every client.

Experienced Air Charter Solutions in the Emirates

In the music and entertainment industry there are no second chances. For over two decades we have provided air charter solutions for hundreds of clients within this industry, from the world’s leading music names to large groups of important guests. Our fleet can move large numbers in narrow time windows, with a blissful air tour inherent to every flight. Or a single important guests can be treated to an experience that celebrates the opulence of the region. There’s no delays or queueing, just expedited services that connect dozens of destinations and things to see in Dubai, as well as the rest of the Emirates. With two decades of experience to lean on, our team ensures that every air charter runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Unique Seaplane Flexibility

Travelling by seaplane offers a unique flexibility. The ability to land on water enables aerial transfers to dozens of destinations along the Arabian Gulf, so your clients and guests can be transferred directly to events venues and five-star resorts across the Emirates. Each seaplane is custom-made to provide sublime aerial sightseeing and an indelible sense of luxury. Up to nine passengers can be accommodated on every flight, each with spacious leather seats and personal viewing windows. And our services can run around the clock, with dedicated 24-7 support and seaplanes available on standby for different eventualities. Challenge us with your requirements or allow us to inspire you with a range of solutions specifically for the music and entertainment industry.