Exquisite and exciting, our unique air tours showcase a new side to the UAE. They’re expertly tailored to provide stunning aerial sightseeing of all the iconic things to see in Dubai, an experience complemented by a charming take off and landing on water. Direct access to remote destinations and resorts make these air charters a premier choice for exploring the luxury of the Emirates.

At a Glance

  • Exquisite air tours that showcase all the things to see in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. This exclusive experience is only available in a handful of cities around the world.
  • Individualised air charter with an inherent luxury and inimitability. There’s space for up to nine passengers in each air-conditioned seaplane.
  • Beautiful aerial transfers to premier resorts and destinations across the UAE.
  • Customisable with various add-ons like VIP dining, indulgent spas, desert tours, safari experiences and more.

Relaxing and Enchanting Air Charters

Modern airports have taken a lot of the fun out of flying. Remember the time when flying was still a novelty, and every journey into the sky was one of exhilaration and fresh experiences? Seaplane air charters are reviving this sense of exploration and the thrill of flying. Take off from the water and enter into the charm. Desert landscapes and iconic cityscapes glisten beneath the wingtips, so look around and admire the panoramas. Each of the nine seats has a personal viewing window, so there’s nothing that breaks the eternal aerial sights. These air charters have an exemplary safety record and they’ve thrilled over 100,000 passengers. It’s always an inspiring flight, one that reminds the world that there’s more to flying than stressful security procedures and arriving two hours before departure.

Easy Flying and Exquisite Air Tours

The seaplane lulls in the water and there’s never any queuing with a private air charter. Over the years we’ve personalised a series of aerial sightseeing tours, ideal 40 to 50 minute journeys to share with friends and family. But these are just ideas. On a Dubai recreational air charter the options are almost infinite, with the seaplane able to land in dozens of spots across the region. From desert dunes to world-famous architecture, routes can be individualised to cruise past all the things you want to see in the UAE. And then there’s the landing, the charm and serenity of descending onto the water and coming to rest in the twinkling Arabian Gulf, rather than a concrete runway. With a seaplane you get far more than a typical Dubai air charter.